Wednesday, July 22, 2015 and magazines

Magazines is a great gateway for knowing what celebrities are wearing these days. Some are a little fashion forward for some, but it gives you a reason why you do what you do. You may be one the one "Who Wore it Better." There are so many ideas, designs, and materials that can be explored and matched up together. Some of the models are a bit extreme in size, but it still maybe inspirational. You may even find some of the looks for less suggestions. That's where you see these expensive pieces and in the magazines they share where you can purchase and have the same look for less.

p.s. Hey, stop and smell the pages you might enjoy the new fragrances and besides its great aroma therapy too!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashion..Jeans..and Beans!!

So today I had a conversation with a friend of mine about jeans. It inspired me to pick up my fingers and blogg. (It has been over 1yr ago). Recently, she had a styling session with Hire Attire for a photo shoot and was pleased. She came to a realization though, that she needed me for more than just that. The next thing she said is what really moved me to want to share this comment. Here it goes..." If you wear the correct style and fit for your size, you minimize your muffin top." The fact of the matter is that, sure we have had a few extra beans and cheese on that plate, we have gained a few pounds! Simple as that! For the sake of our confidence we all need to look as good as we possibly can at all times possible. Think back to your past favorite jeans what brand were they? Where can you find them again? If they are a little on the expensive side then maybe try shopping for them elsewhere.

 If we cannot fit into the jeans that we have on hand, then seek a new pair. Give the old ones to Good will and make sure to retrieve a donation receipt for your taxes, or if they are too haute to get rid off then talk to Luxury Consignment boutiques. On the other hand, my personal favorite which is fun and gives you reason to hang out with friends is, hosting a Swap Party. However, you want to do it.. Just get a new pair and let those old ones gooooo!!!!

P.s. for more info on Swap Parties let Hire Attire host one for you!
Sincerely your girl,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fashion...advice..and you accepting it!

Hello Visitors!
I just want to share with you something that can be a detrimental situation. Ok here it goes! First let me just say that Hire Attire has your best interest at heart and wants to change the world by preventing the next fashion no no! What I am trying to say is that when people give you recommendations on what or how to wear something (depending if they are a hater or not), just listen! I love to see people looking their best always. What I mean by detrimental is...if you have your dress tucked in your underwear... you would want people to tell you that! But if you have a bad attitude and act like nobody can tell you anything, you'll get nothing and you end up walking around looking foolish. Just saying people...if your friend or fashion stylist tells you no...take their word for it!
Your girl B-Lovely

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fashion....Bikini's...and Martini's

Soooo... I understand it's summer and people will be going to their local pool or pool party. You must understand that there is a very high possibility that you will see other people there. That being said especially ladies, think before you WEAR!!! Okay we all are getting older and may have some things we didn't have before, but as the late great Johnnie Cochran says "if it don't must acquit." We are going to use the word acquit and define that as "let it off the hook." So if your bathing suit/bikini doesn't fit "this summer" then let it and you off the hook. Let's just say that I went to the pool the other day and I saw a 51 women (she told me herself) (not a candidate for "shes got the look") and in a red "not" bikini. oops did I say that, I meant to say red hot bikini. A hot mess is what it was. We must all recognize and accept our own body types. She had a very flat saggy dimply butt. I think she had lost a few pounds so the red bikini was too loose and she had it rolled up so that we could see the tag hanging out. We then thought does she have it on backwards. Not only that, I thought she was pregnant. But as the closer I got and recognizing her age I realized that wasn't possibly the case. In regards to men, Speedo's are not becoming! Nor are the basket ball shorts from the 70's. Get a nice loose pair that somewhat close to your knees. So here are a few tips when shopping for a suit:
1)Ask Brandee Scott to accompany you to tell you the truth.
2)If not ask a close friend to tag along that is brutally honest and pay for their lunch.
3)Find one that your comfortable in.
4)Make sure nothing can fall out or over. exp..breasts,cheeks,guts,etc...
5)Wear a cute cover up/shades/flip flops!
6)Its ok to wear a skirt if your confidence level will stay in tack!
7) Oh and the martini's ....yeah umm... have one!
So I am adding a extra line on the Pools Rules and Regulations for pool swimming:
ATTENTION,, No lifeguard/hireattire on duty, swim and look at your own risk!
Yours truly ,
B-lovely aka B-Rocka

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fashion and Anchors, and Accessories...

Ok, Just so you'll know everyone can spice up an outfit with accessories. However, you must know which ones work and ones that don't. I feel that a belt can be an anchor for the outfit. What do I mean by that? Well for example if you wear a brown belt and it has a gold belt buckle, then your accessories need to be gold. Earrings, necklace, etc.. While thinking about that, Earrings, if you like long or big earrings then it may not be necessary for an necklace also. Too much is exactly what it is! Also if your wearing a brown belt then maybe contemplate wearing a brown bag and/or brown shoes. Ok so work with that for now and more later!
Ur girl,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fashion..You and your kids....

So have you ever seen a Mom and Dad looking haute, and the kids look thrown away??? I mean hair unbrushed with lint, sneakers full of red clay dirt (Atlanta Dirt is red), and a too small outfit.
Did anyone ever convey to them that your kids are a reflection of you. One way I try to prevent this is to get my kids bathed and dressed before I get ready. That way you spend the necessary time to get them looking the way they should.
Very important things Checklist for Kids:
Teeth Brushed
Hair Brushed
Face Washed
Clothes Fit
Clothes Clean
Fingernails clean and cut
If you abide by these very simple basic items then you can now leave the house.
Your girl B-Lovely aka B-Rocka

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer...Fashion...and Toes....

Today a friend asked me for some fashion tips for a list that she is compiling. I must say that what comes to mind is so many fashion no-no's that people mistakingly do everyday. I want the world to know what my reply to her was.... Ashy Dirty Heels!!! If you have to wear the "flat flip flop" which btw does not accentuate your legs (Wear at least 2+ inch heels at all times). Then you must wash....and grease from Knee cap down to the tip of your big toe! Now, speaking on the big toe, make sure you have a fresh coat of paint on all 10 of them, when wearing sandals. However, you have to counteract that thought with something positive. The positive is that some people are still purchasing clothes for summer to add to their wardrobe because things that fit last year, give or take, may just not fit this year. So if you are going to a swap party or buying new items just make sure they fit before introducing them to your closet.
Later your girl,